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Full size kick mesh and reso heads

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  • Full size kick mesh and reso heads

    Gonna rest my triggers kriggs until the new v 3 comes out soon. Need advice what white mesh head white is quiet and good triggering on a full size 20 inch kick?What is a good resonant head to go with it. Mesh or my Mylar? I was thinking of Z Ed trips on all my heads 12 13 16 and 20

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    Ive got zed trips including a 22" bass a2e bass drum. I use a black mylar head.


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      If you have access to Z-ED Triple-X heads, you should give them a try. Here in the States it costs a fortune to get those heads. Its actually cheaper to by Roland Heads.
      I think my work is done here.


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        Pintech is advertising a new line of white heads in their Reaction series...However they are as pricey as Hart's used to be and are right up there with Roland...but they will have standard kick sizes.
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          Thanks Dan, I will check them out,. I still have the ongoing neighbor situation, that I have been working on. My son and I built a drum platform from platfoam over this past weekend, I carpeted it and acoustic glued the 2 sheets of mdf together and I don't play after 8 pm or before 12 noon the rare times that I am home to even play these days so I am looking for the quietest solutions out there for everything, cymbals, mesh heads , beaters, sticks, everything ! I read about the reaction series a while ago in D D and they are supposed louder than Roland , my 682 blacks , and lot of others so I don't know . zed trips are rated the quietest but they are not in the states so Costly!


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            I had used a 20" Hart before. Behind it was a reflection plate and maybe 2" of fluffy cotton sheet to dampen it. It was pretty quiet. The trigger piezo was taped to a 20" mylar circle (cut off rim of old 20" head) in between the cotton sheets - forgot who came up with that idea. The reso head was normal, but I had to attach rubber sound dampener to keep it from vibrating, it did make noise. A pillow actually would have worked. I thought I could tear the rubber dampening off, but I couldn't and ruined the head.

            I now use a Pearl TruTrac on the bass drum, but I think it will make too much noise for your situation.
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              Maybe try Drumtec 'Design' heads... Heard only good things about 'em!


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                Im waiying on my reso head being delivered. I ordered a plaon black cheap mylar head. I have a feeling I will need to dampen it, possibly with a pillow. Its a 22" kick with a ZED triple batter head.