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First Post: Need help - Pintech Concertcast snare with TD-4 Module

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  • First Post: Need help - Pintech Concertcast snare with TD-4 Module

    I've been searching the internet for hours trying to find an answer to this question without any success.... I figured I'd try here. Thanks in advance.

    I've had a TD-4 for a while now and I recently replaced my PD-8 rubber pads with Pintech Concertcast mesh triggers. I found them used online for a great price and I think they are a huge improvement. The Pintech set also included a matching snare, but it has two 1/4" jacks: One for the head and one for the rim. The TD-4 set came with a Roland PDX-8 mesh head snare with only one 1/4" jack. Since the Pintech snare that I want to use has two jacks, I'm not sure how to connect the Pintech snare so both head and rim shots can be played. Can I simply split the snare cable coming from the TD-4 with a y-cable? I am using all the remaining trigger cables from the TD-4, so I don't have any extra cables available (there was an extra trigger cable, but I added another cymbal). Please let me know if I can make this work as I would really like to replace the PDX-8 with the Pintech snare. Thanks!

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    I'm not familiar with that pad with 2 jacks, but if there is a jack for the head piezo/zone and a jack for the rim piezo/zone this is what you need:
    I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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      So, I ordered the HOSA YPP-136 and it works like a champ. The length of the cable is just long enough to reach both jacks and I have both head and rim zones working. Thank you Jman!