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Amplifying td 30

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  • Amplifying td 30

    Hi I have a TD30 which I thru a Mackie Thump15 should I use a mixer between these or go straight into Mackie, thanks for any info. Harry

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    Welcome to the forum, Harry!

    This depends in no small amount if your TD-30 is the only signal that needs amplification at the moment. As soon as you have three or four different stereo sources, maybe even a microphone, a good mixer is inevitable. It also help with comfortably adjusting levels (not having to crouch down to the back of the speaker to find the volume pot).

    But as long as you just have the TD-30 module by itself, IMO it isn't really necessary...

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      Thanks, that makes sense, the TD30 is the only source, but it would help my back if I had a mixer.


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        I use a Yamaha MG82cx. It works great. I may be putting it in the for sale area soon as gas is calling for an upgrade. LOL
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