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TD10 with expansion pack LCD out

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  • TD10 with expansion pack LCD out

    I'm considering the purchase of a TD10 with the expansion pack. Its in working order but the LCD is out. The LED showing the kit number is working and the triggers work, but the settings screen is not working. The LCD is $150 from Roland and an hour for repair. I'm wondering how hard it might be to do the repair myself if I purchased the part. Also wondering if there is anything else that could be wrong with it other than the screen just being out? Its a great deal, but want to do my research first. Any insight would be great.

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    New display could likely fix that, but if the driver chips are the problem and are not on the PCB for the new LCD, might not fix. Any competent tech could deal with that though, or be able to diagnose a deeper problem at that time.

    DIY: I've taken apart all kinds of keyboards to do displays and other parts and cleaning but not drum modules. They are smaller so theoretically simpler. Displays are a pain mostly they usually are beneath all the other boards and sub assemblies in any given device, so you end up taking everything out just to get to it (depends on the device though).

    If you are going to be taking it all apart, might as well update to a new battery while inside (backup first and do a factory reset after) Take "before" pictures ahead of time and while you are going about it, makes it easier to put back together or if you delay, and then come back to it when memory is less fresh. Wear an anti-static bracelet as well, and if you have a dog or pet, watch out for hairs or dust getting between display and plastic overlay. (annoying every after if that happens) One of those cans of compressed air for cleaning computer parts is handy. Make sure any ribbon cables or plugs are well seated, and be careful not to break while unplugging.

    TD-10 Reset (from Manual, pg 137:
    1. Press [SETUP]-[F4 (UTIL)]-[F4 (INIT)].

    2. Press [F4 (INIT)].
    A confirmation display will appear.
    - - -
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