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TD-20 Snare drum sound issue

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  • TD-20 Snare drum sound issue

    I posted this onto another forum and got pointed this direction. Here's a copy instead of typing it allover again. I am having the hardest time trying to get my TD-20 working after setting it back up after a while. The first few weeks I had it set up everything was working fine. I put together a few kits to mess around with and it was going good. Then all of a sudden my snare on the drums has been making very annoying sound. It is happening on all the kits, just on the snare drum though. I looked through all the effects, all the EQ's, even reset the snare drums back to default, but nothing works. The sound can be described kind of like a flanger or similar, but all effects and EQs were disabled.
    Although, I did try a new cord to go from the trigger to AUX4 in the module and set up another snare on the AUX channel, and the sound was not present. Although I will be using all 4 aux channels for other triggers so I need to get this figured out. I recorded the sound it is making on audacity to show here. Quality isn't the best but the sound is very evident. Please help me!

    Is there anything I can do without taking the factory reset option and losing all my kits?

    EDIT: I also just tried a new cable going from the snare to the snare input on the module and the sound was still present. I even tried using the stock snare cord in AUX4 and sound was gone. Like I said before though, the soud is not present when using the trigger on AUX4 set up as a snare.
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