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Anyone ever use the MIX IN of the TD 30 for instrument input with their DAW?

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  • Anyone ever use the MIX IN of the TD 30 for instrument input with their DAW?

    What I mean is.. Ill lay down drums tracks with the TD30 and I thought why plug in another ASIO interface for the guitars.. maybe I can just plug it in the TD30 ? Seemed to work fine except I had the raw sound of my guitar in the left ear and the processed sound in my right ear.. But maybe I can change some settings to fix that.. Anyone else try to use it like this ?
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    Bit hard to know exactly how you've got stuff setup, but chances are your input from the guitar was mono hence why you got the guitar in your left ear. There are options on the module to control whether or not the MIX IN jack is stereo/mono etc.

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      Thanks for asking this question. I'm thinking of doing that as well with this setup.

      My proposed connections are:
      Mac Audio Output device: TD-30
      Mac Audio Input device: TD-30
      Mac Headphone out: input into the "mix in" of the TD-30
      TD-30 headphone jack: headphones to my ears.
      USB connection: from MacBook to the TD-30
      iTunes: playing drumless tracks. These can be heard in my headphones plugged into the TD-30.

      The question is as yours: will the audio coming into the TD-30's mix-in (in this case my drumless tracks) be output from the TD-30through the USB digital audio back into the Mac?
      If the Mac does receive the digital audio via the TD-30 can it be recorded into GarageBand while iTunes is also running in the first place?

      Any problems with the above?

      Thanks, all!
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        I tried to find a way to just get the processed sound and not the original with no luck.. But I don't really mind hearing half the orginal sound too much so I keep using the TD30 for everything (guitar/bass/keyboard)


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          Hello everyone! TD-30 user here. I also have this question. I can use the TD-30 to connect a guitar and have the DAW + VST generate the distortion and send it back to the module. The problem is that both the distortion and the clean sound come out through the headphones. I have tried to disable the output of the MIX IN for the phones, but it seems i cannot disable the output for the phones.

          Is there a way to disable the MIX IN output on the phones? (but still route the audio through USB)
          I really need this feature. Roland? next firmware update?