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Roland Drum Tutor issue

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  • Roland Drum Tutor issue

    OK guys I have just received a copy of V drums tutor, figured I could use all the help I could get being a recovering beginner.

    So along with it I purchased a MIDISPORT Uno which was suggested to hook up the my laptop. The folks over at Sweetwater said The MIDIsport was exactly the same as the Roland UM One, (they were out of the UM one).

    I have a TD 9 module I'm trying to use it with, and a laptop running windows XP Pro SP3

    The set up screen shows the MIDI input listed but I'm not getting any response when I hit the pads. The music is coming through and I can hear the drums but it does not show my playing on the screen of the laptop. I've gone back through removed and reinstalled the driver. Double and triple checked the connections...

    Any suggestions?
    Roland TD9KX2G - PD105BK Snare - 4 PD85BK Toms - VH11 - CY13R - CY12C - KD9 - MDS9 Stand

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    Try to see if your TD9 spits out Midi on Channel 10 - I think that's what the Drum Tutor software is expecting.


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      Also, Drum Tutor needs to be told about the MIDI interface, I find I have to select it when I start DT, I get a warning screen that no MIDI interface was detected and have to manualy select it.

      Mini-kit: TD-9 + Alesis Control Pad + Alesis Sample Pad + PDX-6 snare
      Micro-kit: Handsonic HPD-20 + an old pair of hands.
      Speakers: QSC-K10 "thumper", DBR-10 "little thumper"


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        Thanks guys, got it working. By following Rolands directions I had put the wrong midi plug in the output. But also the laptop kept loosing the connection every time I restarted it. So what I have to do is remove the usb connection until after it boots then plug it in and all is fine.
        Roland TD9KX2G - PD105BK Snare - 4 PD85BK Toms - VH11 - CY13R - CY12C - KD9 - MDS9 Stand