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TD 11 - Guitar Hero

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  • TD 11 - Guitar Hero

    Hi everyone, i just bought the TD-11. I would like to ask how can i play guitar hero by my kit on PC? If somebody know about this, please help me . Thanks

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    I use a TD-9 with Guitar Hero and Rock Band on Xbox 360.

    According to reviews on Amazon, Xbox 360 drum controllers work with Guitar Hero: World Tour on PC.
    Do you have a drum controller already?
    If it has a MIDI input, connect the TD-11 MIDI out to it.
    Make sure the TD-11 outputs the MIDI notes corresponding to the pad/cymbal color assignments you want.

    Also, maybe check out 'V-Drums Friend Jam' if you haven't already...


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      I use a TD15 with it on PS3, but I did have to buy an adaptor for it. It works on Rockband (on the PS3 once again) too.

      When I was first using my drums with the PS3 I pulled apart an old Guitar Hero drum set to get the controller part out and plugged my drums into that. It was far easier with the Band Hero drum controller, no pulling things apart, so if you have a boxed set with instruments that might be an option, but I don't know for certain with PC.

      I prefer Rockband over Guitar Hero, but it was these games that made me decide to take up playing for real.
      Roland TD-15KV module and cymbals, Gen 16 AE rack, Gen 16 AE cymbals, Diamond Electronic Drums, Tama HP300 single pedal, Lectric Moo, Carmichael throne


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        For Guitar Hero I use a Logitech Wireless Drum Controller.
        For Rock Band I use a Mad Catz MIDI Pro adapter.

        Although Guitar Hero song charting sometimes seems more accurate (and has accented & ghost notes), I also prefer Rock Band - mostly because I can mute the drum track and mix in live sound from the drum module instead : )