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DTX madcatz for rockband 3 setup

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  • DTX madcatz for rockband 3 setup

    I just bought a DTX 700 kit and the Madcatz MidiPro adapter, It is sort of plug and play all the toms snare kick etc work, I just can't figure out how to set up the hihat so it works properly in the PRO mode. I also want to change the cymbals to single zone. I downloaded the reference manual and it's a bit confusing for me to understand.

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    If you mean getting a open hihat sound with the pedal open it is quite difficult to do. I would search the rock band forums site for further info. Some modules can not be programmed to have different midi notes on the pedal. As for changing to single zone just program the dtx 700 cymbals midi notes on the edge and bow with the same midi numbers. Not having any experience with the 700 that is about all I can tell you.
    Good luck.
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      I'd reckon you might want to grab a hold of a used Yamaha HH65. It would save you alot of time and trouble.


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        I use this Madcatz adapter with my TD-3.
        On a song intro, if you hit hihat cymbal with the hihat pedal pressed, you got a closed hatsound, and with the pedal "depressed", the open hihat sound.
        But, in a song, the hihat sound is represented with the same "note" as ride cymbal, the blue one.
        So, to get this work, you have to map the "open hat sound" of the module to the midi note of the ride cymbal. And I don't know if you can choose the "open hat" midi note apart from the closed note...
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          i have it mostly figured out, I was trying to map midi to the pad. I have to go into the kit mode then midi, and change the midi number to the recomended number from the madcatz manual. Once I found a HH number that worked and sounded right I changed all the HH voices to that number then changed the parameters for the HH open closed to be the least sensitive as possible.

          My only issue is for some reason the kit isn't storing so I have to make these changes everytime I want to play RB. After making the changes I hit the Store button> press enter to verify, and then kit to leave the customization menu. when I turn the module off thenbackon the kit parameters aren't saved.

          It's been fun I don't really have anyone to jam with so buying an e-kit and rockband have been a good way to change up what I'm playing and working on. i really like the practice mode.


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              Sweet! that fixed it thanks a ton.