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Help! can't decide what to do next....!

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  • Help! can't decide what to do next....!

    Hello all! This is my first post! Apologies in advance if its in the wrong place or asks a question thats been asked 1000 times.....!

    I have just sold my TD 8 kit... It was brilliant and a faithful servant. Apart from the first day I got it when Roland UK had slipped a note in the box saying that the brain holder plate was missing because they didn't have any...... I wasn't a happy bunny!

    This is my question..

    A TD 30 K kit standard?
    A TD 30 module with a moderate cheap accoustic kit with mesh heads, Roland triggers, Zildjian Gen16 cymbals...?

    They both work out about the same price ish.

    What I am trying to achieve is to be as close to accoustic drumming (look and feel) with all the benefits of electronics.

    I simply couldn't have done some of the stuff I've done with an accoustic kit..Who wants microphones, tuning, noise, etc!

    Please let me know your thoughts
    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the forum.
    A2E always!
    electronic drum triggers >>> | electronic cymbals >>>

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      How about a Diamond or Jobeky kit with the TD30 module?


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        Welcome to the forum, rossco125!

        What is your current budget? Please give us a number, so we could help you along further...
        In harmony with the other forumites, I'm in favour of the A2E idea, as well. Not least because the prices on Roland pads are almost a bit... ....perky? - You get alot more for your money going with A2E pads!

        Happy Drumming!
        Greetings from Switzerland,
        - Dänoh

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          Another vote for converting real size drums to e-drums (A2E). Roland's pads are crazy expensive and they don't provide proper sizes. With A2E, you'll get the sizes and look you want, at a fraction of the cost of Roland's stuff. If you do the conversion properly, the performance is every bit as good as Roland's pads. For a module, I'd think strongly about going with a cheap brain (for trigger to MIDI purposes) and a laptop with VST drum software. You'll get performance and sound that is considerably better than any drum brain on the market.


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            Hello all, thank you for the warm welcome!! Danoh my budget is £3200 (about the cost of a TD30k) Tang I agree but I like the independence of the brain. I like the 2box drum brain (is it as good as it seems?) Everyone I speak to says the TD 30 module is unreal and I shouldn't even consider anything else....
            Which drum triggers should I opt for? Roland or ddrum. So many questions!! Seriously are the snare triggers as good as a dedicated pad? Its all expensive so I don't want to make a mistake!
            Thanks for all your help!


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              From reading your posts, it seems you are leaning more toward ready made solutions than building your own DIY triggers. If that's true, consider these options:

              1. Buy ready-to-play kits (standard offerings and full custom, shell packs or module included)
              ---a.) Diamond Electronic Drums
              ---b.) Jobeky drums

              2. Buy your own shell pack and convert using trigger solutions from:
              ---a.) quartzpercussions.com (Single or dual zone harness system)
              ---b.) triggera.com (Intrigg internal triggers and krigg beaterless kick trigger)
              ---c.) pintechworld.com (A2E conversion kits)
              ---d.) aquariandrumheads.com (InHEAD, OnHEAD, and KickZONE)

              1. Buy off the shelf Roland, Yamaha, 2box, Hart, etc.

              2. Buy Acoustic cymbals of your choosing and convert using:
              ---a.) stealthdrums.com (cymbal dampening and conversion kits)

              This isn't meant to be an all encompassing list, just some options to chew on. It's always best to make your module choice first, then consider your triggering options. You can find threads related to all of these options within these forums.
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