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TD6-V Rim help

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  • TD6-V Rim help

    I bought a TD-6KV kit with a TD-6v module and PD85 snare second hand last year but only just set it up. all seems well and it plays generally as expected but then i tried some rimshots and cross stick and it plays the general snare/tom noises
    I have checked the Cables and each of them have two notches but the "R" display doesnt occur for any of the triggers (not just the snare)
    I factory reset it and checked the manual to work out how to check the trigger types but no matter what i do i cannot get the rims to register
    I do notice that if i unplug the cable slowly from the trigger an R will appear with a sound suggesting that the cable does register it but the triggers just will not fire that command

    Any help is appreciated

    Kind Regards

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    Ok. With my impatience i took the pd85 apart and put it back together again after giving the insides a good dust down. seems to of done the trick and is consistently rim shotting
    The other ones seem to need more force

    Thanks anyway if you took the time to read this