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MDS-4 Mounting Question (replacing hi-hat with PDX pad)

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  • MDS-4 Mounting Question (replacing hi-hat with PDX pad)

    I hope this is the right forum area for this question... I have a TD-4KX2 on an MDS-4 rack. I'd like to replace my rubber hi-hat pad with a PDX-6 pad, however I'm guessing the PDX pad won't attach to the MDS hi-hat mount (or will it?). I don't think a standard MDS clamp and L-rod would work because it doesn't give me the height I think I need when clamped to the lower bar. Does anyone know if there's a longer L-rod for the MDS clamp mounts, or if there's specifically an MDS tom mount or something that I could use to position a pad right where my hi-hat sits? I know they make a tom mount for the MDH rack that looks like it would give me the height that I want, but I don't know if it's compatible with the MDS rack.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance!

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