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CY13R 3 zone

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  • CY13R 3 zone

    Hey guys

    I have a TD11KV.

    On my CY13R 3 zone cymbal there are 2 output cables to go into both the bell and the bow/edge input sockets on the one cymbal.
    Why can't I use my CY13R cymbal output cables in 2 separate cymbals, the 3 zone thing does not appeal to me and I would rather assign the extra output to a separate cymbal.
    Is there some way or mod available to get around this?

    I have already used the extra input on the module for a second cymbal.

    Horns Up

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    I haven't tried it but I would think you can just use one of the ride inputs on the module to connect a pad of any kind you want. It would of course be single trigger.
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      Although I haven't tried it, I would think you could connect another pad to the bell if you wanted, but as bud said you would only get a single zone pad from that. You would then need to assign a suitable sound for that pad.