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Does cy15 work with a regular tama drum stand?

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  • Does cy15 work with a regular tama drum stand?

    i bought a cy15r-sv as an upgrade to my roland td4, i got a cheap tama stand and the cymbal is able to work, but the wingnut that came with it, doesn`t fit on the stand, since it`s bigger than the roland one

    had to use: rotation stopper, cymbal, roland felt, and tama wingnut

    the thing is that i`m worried because of the potential damage to the cymbal itself because of not using the roland stand, will it make the hole bigger or something like that? or i just need to calm down and keep using it?

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    you have to use the Roland cymbal stopper with the Roland cymbals place the felt on top then washer and wing but if you don't use the Roland stopper you may damage your cymbal. any cymbal mount can be used as long as the stopper slides onto it...