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Cicuit Drawing of the TD-6

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  • Cicuit Drawing of the TD-6

    Hello I am running a TD-6 and having desperate problems with the loudnes-knob.....
    I heare (via Earphones) only Sounds if the Level is turned to the Maximum.
    Has any body an advice or where do I get a Circuit drawing of the TD-6 ?
    Kind regards

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    Welcome to the forum, cmue!

    I don't have a circuit drawing at hand, and I'm honestly not even sure, whether you actually need one.
    As a suggestion, have you tried to connect a different set of earphones to the module, to make sure this isn't an earphones-problem?

    Happy Drumming!

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      it's probably just the potentiometer attached to the knob. Shouldn't need a diagram for that. Try some contact cleaner on it before replacement. Also, is the volume normal coming out of the main ouputs?