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Bass Drum (Kick Drum) Pads

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  • Bass Drum (Kick Drum) Pads

    I have a TD9KX2. I actually like the KD9 it came with but they're just not tough enough. When it was new it was great but after about 6 months all the bouce disappeared and it developed a beater shaped dent, mis-triggers and is like kicking a brick wall. I eventually found a good second hand KD85 but I'm not mad on it and the way it's put together seems odd. What's the point of the rubber feet on the pedal mount? All they do is lift my bass drum pedal off the floor (DW9000) but when I take them off it just doesn't seem to sit right and seems to make an odd sound occasionally? Also, the Roland beater is slightly too narrow for the pedal but it doesn't play at all well with ther standard beater. Any ideas anyone? Does the 120 have the same rubber feet under the mounting plate, not that I can afford one? Cheers,


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    Forget the pads altogether and grab yourself one of these (or 2 if you're into double bass).
    Triggers great and almost eliminates the noisiest element of your e-drums (ie the kick pad).
    A beaterless kick pedal trigger so you can trigger your kick without hitting it. Noiseless electronic drums bass pedal trigger for roland, yamaha, ...
    Ludwig Element A2E, TD-10


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      What an idea! Do you not miss the weight of the beater? Got to be worth a go at that price. Thanks


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        Yes, you will miss the weight of the beater but some drummers keep them attached to the pedal, hitting air :-)


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          Well, it's pretty subjective. We have many customers report they actually prefer playing without them (some of them are amongst reviews on the krigg's page).
          Anyway, it's pretty easy to get used to.
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            I use my Krigg without a beater and it only took me about 20mins to get used to the feeling. It's soooooooooo quiet!