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KD-9 kick drum 1/4 inch out to midi- using KD-9 w/ octapad and computer

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  • KD-9 kick drum 1/4 inch out to midi- using KD-9 w/ octapad and computer

    Hey guys,
    Wondering if there is a cord to get the KD-9 kick drum 1/4 inch out to midi, or single cord instead of snake when only using KD-9 with my octapad to lessen bringing around my TD-15 brain when I just want to play a show with my octapad (older model) and KD-9 kick and computer (and leave the TD-15 brain at home. 1/4 inch trigger to midi cable? Anything else?

    Thank you!

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    Great question---I'd like to know about this as well, because I have a DrumKat and it would be great to be able to use the KD-9 with that from time to time! Assuming a 1/4"-to-MIDI cable even exists, I don't know if just plugging one into a MIDI interface would work (there must be some power sent down the cable from the module, right?). Probably an easy question to answer for someone who actually understands the electrical engineering behind MIDI. :-)

    Of course, now that I think about it, I seem to remember a 1/4" input on the back of my DrumKat---can I just plug a TRS cable from the KD-9 right into that? Hmm...


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      If your Octapad has additional trigger inputs on the back you can utilize these to connect your KD-9 to it via a standard cable.
      Same should work for the DrumKat, if you trigger a computer with it.


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        Yeah, Octapad should take both hat and kick pedals (Roland ones anyway), and has a bunch more aux trigger inputs too.
        It is designed to be the heart of a mini-kit if you are content with the internal sounds.
        Kick pedal is a regular trigger. Hat pedal has to go into the hat pedal jack only.

        Both the SPD-30 (current model) and the SPD-20 (older model) can take hat and kick inputs, and both have MIDI out so you are good to go there.
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          Originally posted by SWriverstone View Post
          Assuming a 1/4"-to-MIDI cable even exists, ...
          It doesn't. That would be like a headphones-to-printer cable.

          Trigger to Midi requires something like a Roland TM-2 (for $200).