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TD-30K Trigger Issues

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  • TD-30K Trigger Issues

    I'm new to the forum. Just got a new TD-30K yesterday, set it up and started playing. I'm experiencing a severe hot spot on the snare pad and the kick volume is very low. I've tried adjusting the pad sensitivity and volumes but it doesn't seem to be fixing the issue. Any suggestions?

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    I dropped my sensitivity on the 128S to 5. Also, ensure you have tightened the head per Roland's instructions.
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      There is a post on this forum (somewhere, sorry can't seem to find it) that takes you through a process of adjusting sensitivity curves and rim/head settings to minimise the hot spot on the drums. I've still got a hotspot but it's nowhere near as bad as the default setup.

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        I agree with Alan. Tighten the head for starters. It's a mere matter of physics. If it's too loose when you strike in the center, right over the trigger cone, it compresses way too much and the strike force goes right into the trigger. If you tighten it up, you spread the force over a broader area. This is also part of the reason Roland uses two ply heads, and the plies are oriented 45 degrees to each other. This allows you to tighten the head without worrying about stretching and it offers better playability. There's no reason not to tighten the head, within limits of course.

        After that drill into the settings and play with sensitivity and "curve" and see what suits you. I find that tightening the head gets rid of 80% of the hot spot issue. That 20% remainder is much more work chasing out,and in my opinion, not much worth it.

        Hope this helps.
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          There's a great thread here somewhere that takes you through how to set up the TD-30 and your pads to trigger perfectly.
          Well worth a read.
          If that's not locatable, I wrote a little article for digitalDrummer Mag that runs through it.
          You can find it on the website, spread across 3 issues. www.digitaldrummermag.com