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Pintech's 14" Phoenix Snare Information -

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  • Pintech's 14" Phoenix Snare Information -

    I just realized that I never informed all of you about our newest product, which is our Phoenix snare (Model: PHX14)

    This is an upgrade from the older AX14 model, and has quite a few goodies:
    • 2 independently controlled sensitivity knobs for both the head and the rim
    • New reinforced triggers
    • Large 14" Size
    • Silentrim Rubber Hoop Trim on both the top and bottom of the snare
    • 2 mesh heads
    • Available in Red, Black and Chrome
    This has quickly become one of our best sellers, especially when you compare the features and price. We are also doing some of these in custom colors for people, which can normally be done for around the same price - but you will have to give us a little more time to get it done.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions!
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    Looks nice! What ply is the top mesh head please?


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      Our mesh is a single ply. We had a LOT of people in our booth at NAMM who seemed very impressed with the way it feels. We did a lot of searching around for the different types of mesh for our Reaction Series heads. We wanted something that gave you a lot of rebound, but not too much. And we also had to take a look at things like durability and noise. We've always had very good ratings with Digital Drummer, and I don't think we've had any complaints on our mesh heads. As far as durability goes, I would put our mesh heads up against anyone. We use a special rubber compound on the outside of the mesh to help prevent tearing. I can tell you that this makes a BIG difference.

      I hope that some people can make some comments on their experience with our mesh heads. I feel that we haven't done as good of a job marketing just how good our heads are. That will change soon though. Thanks for the comment.


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        Looks very nice. What is the cost for a 12" mesh head? I'd love to give one a try.
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          I'll check it out in Chicago....


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            Has any one tried this snare? What are your thoughts?
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