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Air Recorder app wasting all my space in my Ipad

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  • Air Recorder app wasting all my space in my Ipad

    Hello there good people.

    Gear: TD-11KV kit + Ipad Mini 3.
    App: "Air Recorder"

    Description Of Problem:
    I like to record myself via "Air Recorder" with my Ipad mini 3.
    The problem is that I can export Wav format only (other formats can't be chosen for some reason).
    So I get a 40 mega file on average for recorded one file only which is way too much..

    Does anyone has a way to solve this issue?
    Are there any compatibles apps, that I can "Audio copy" the recorded file from Air recorder, to them - and convert it to a much efficient format (mp3 for example) ?

    Anyhow thank you good people
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    Is this iPad Mini your only computer? if not get the big .wav file onto a desktop or laptop and use any free software, such as iTunes, to convert it to MP3. Then delete the original and move the MP3 back to your iPad.
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      There's a program called iFunbox for Mac or PC that allows you to see files on your iOS device just like a normal file manager. Much easier and straightforward than using iTunes filesharing.

      I hope that helps a bit.

      I bet Air recorder is trying to reduce latency by not converting the native wav format on the fly.
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        thebarak - I have a computer. It just that all the purpose of the Air Recorder advantage, is to not use PC.
        I bought the wifi dongle for this purpose: record myself drumming, and hear it in from the ipad.
        If I look at your suggestion, It's already easier to record myself with wires to the computer, than starting moving files from ipad to computer, edit them, and move them back to the ipad again.. :-\

        Martygras - thanks, but it doesn't help me , with the cross devices issue right? I mean, there isn't just another ios app to convert the files from wav to mp3 or something? I don't want to involved the pc for that.

        Thanks good people
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          You might be out of luck here. I don't know of any program that will convert a wav to any other format on an iOS device. Further more, I don't know if it's possible as anything you record with Air Recorder may not be accessible by other apps (due to the way iOS saves documents).

          You may find something that will do the job if you jailbreak your iPad, but do so with care...

          Basically, until Roland add MP3 / aac recording or conversion you might be stuck...


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            Not too experienced with iOS devices personally.
            But try and see if something like Ice Cold Apps 'File Converter' may solves the problem...!


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              Philo - thanks. I do believe I'll just have to move those files to the computer, and export them there.

              hairmetal-81 - thanks (for the help in this post as well). I'll try go deeper on my searches. If i'll find something, I'll post it here for sure.

              Thanks to all



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                Downloaded the Mconveter app. The free version works with the Air Recorder just fine. It doesn't convert for mp3 dimehoe, but for wma wich is good enough.

                Thanks for everybody helped me in this post.