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Roland SPD-S light on, but blank LCD

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  • Roland SPD-S light on, but blank LCD

    Hi every body,
    I have problem with my Roland SPD-S. Power on, LCD shows light and blank LCD. LCD doesn't display any thing. I insert Compact flash card and try to reset it back to the manufacture setting. The LCD doesn't respond. Is there any thing I can fix it.Thank you for your helps.
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    I had an SPD-S with a cracked LCD panel a few years back. The LCD panel is built into the logic board that controls all the buttons. I believe that logic board cost $150+ from Roland and the total repair cost about $225.

    If your LCD display isn't working and the SPD-S is otherwise unresponsive, it might be cheaper to replace it with a used SPD-S.

    Do you have any repair centers near you that can give you a repair estimate?
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      Hi Eveyone.
      Please help. I turn on my Roland SPD-S and its displays shows " Busy !" , no sound is produced. How can i fix it.