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Best live edrum kit setup for electro

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  • Best live edrum kit setup for electro

    Hi guys,
    I need a vdrum setup for a new project that will be performing live. The sound is primarily electro, so nuanced acoustic articulation is nice, but not essential. What's most important is performance consistency, low latency and high reliability. I am torn between either getting a Trigger IO and getting a VH-11, KD-8, and using my Octapad II for an initial setup, going through Cubase. Or, I see I can get a complete Roland TD3 for about $600. The former setup would cost $620 with decent drum hardware equipment and give me the VH-11. The idea of the TD3 setup appeals to me because it has a backup sound module, and seems like it would be more plug and play and trouble-free, and software would probably have maps for that kit already; also, people have stated that a VH-11 mostly works with the TD3 without modification. I have also read a lot of nightmare posts of people struggling with the Trigger IO and Roland hi hats, and that freaks me out a little, less with how much time it might take, more with questions of configuration stability (load the same project and magically the open/close doesn't work right). The only advantage I see with the Trigger IO is better expansion and can possibly handle newer edrums.

    What would you do?

    EDIT: I notified the admin of the double post. The system gave me an error on the first post so I attempted it again, and both of them ended up on there. Sorry for the accidental spam.
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