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Rack mounting RMP-5 and integrating into current kit.

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  • Rack mounting RMP-5 and integrating into current kit.

    Looking for someone who has more experience than I do at this. I want to add a splash cymbal to my aging TD-6V kit, but a TD-9 is out of my price range for now. I just picked up an RMP-5 to work on my timing some, and was curious to use it as a temporary solution to also add a splash to my kit using the jack on it to a CY-5 or a CY-8, and than hooking the audio out on the RMP-5 to the Aux In on the TD-6V. Also was thinking maybe setting up the RMP-5 pad itself as a cowbell just to add another sound to my kit, as I swapped my PD-8 toms for mesh which can't reliably dual trigger on my kit. However, I am sort of stumped on how to mount the thing to my kit. It looks like the bottom theads match to a standard cymbal stand mount, but are there any boom arms that just have the threads at the end and not the smooth part?
    Current Kit - TD6-KV originally, added CY12R/C as a ride and upgraded rack toms to PDX-6, upgraded floor tom to PD-85, upgraded hi-hats to CY-5, upgraded brain to TD-9, upgraded bass to KD-120. Gibraltar 9608MB throne, Easton Ahead sticks.