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Visions of a budget DTX setup derailed

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  • Visions of a budget DTX setup derailed

    Walked into the local music store with the intention of buying the DTX 400 off the floor. I sat down and played for quite a while and played through all the kits a few of the demo songs and just really couldn't buy into the interface of the module, The cymbals and the bass trigger. I was thinking I would just buy the low-end kit for $500. Then spend the money to upgrade the brain, the snare pad, and possibly convert some of my acoustic shells to electric as I got bored with low end gear.

    They had a 562 on the floor and after and after spending time on the kit and realizing it plays and sounds significantly better, I decided to walk away until I priced out the low end 500 kit and saved a few more pesos. I talked to the manager and he told me he has a friend who is selling a year old 700 kit for a 1000.00 I'm not going to find a 500 kit with a hihat and nicer pads for that kind of scratch let alone a 700 series kit am I?

    Problem is I to raise another 500 I'd have to sell my vintage Rodgers acoustic kit and I really am having a hard time wrapping my mind around investing a thousand bucks into a practice kit. Would it make sense to buy the 700 play it, sell the brain and build a mega drum brain? It seems like I might be able to sell the 700 brain for half retail, and build a mega drum module for under 200 and get a better brain.

    Are DIY pads as nice and versatile as a dtx pad? I'm hesitant about going over my budget on this by over 2x, just because I'm a gear slut and can't resist nicer equipment at excellent prices. The cheapskate in me thinks I can have a pro level kit for under 600 dollars or at least not empty my savings in a day to have a real nice kit.
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    As with most things in life you get what you pay for. The module (brain) is the main piece and the starting point to any e-kit. If you skimp there it wont matter what you add to it cause the sounds are generated at the module.
    A great drummer (the brain) can take a crap acoustic kit and make it sound good. A poor drummer (the brain) can have a very expensive acoustic kit and it will sound like crap.
    See, it all starts with the brain!
    Save until you can get what you want or you will just end up frustrated and give up on edrums or you will spend 3x what you intended in the long run.
    Good Luck.
    "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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      I have a DTX700 brain, and the 500/502 will be much easier if you decide to DIY an A-2-E kit.

      The DTX pads are great triggers, and the more expensive ones have 3 zones. But they indeed ... expensive.

      If this is for practice only, how about using your Rodgers? Buy mesh heads, some Intrigg / Wronka / Quartz triggers and a cheap brain like the DTX502?
      Swap the head when you want to play acoustic, and back to mesh when doing quiet practice.
      Get some Yamaha cymbals as you will get great triggering and 3 zones with that DTX502 brain.

      Plus, if you have a computer nearby your kit, you could hook it up to the 502 and play with VSTs. That will be so much better than any module in your spending range.

      That way, you should be well within your budget.
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        Curious why a 500/502 module would be easier to upgrade with a DIY pads? I'm thinking of buying even though I don't want to empty my summer fun savings, and possibly start converting some of my orphan shells to to e-drums and selling the dtx If DIY drums work out. I figure for the the money, I could recoup half the money back by selling the pads and brain.

        I figure it wiil take $50.00 X5 per drum if I buy someones triggers, and buy mesh heads, I like the Wronkas they seem like an excellent design. 250.00 for a new 502 module. I haven't put my finger on what a HH stand and trigger and two or three 3 zone yamaha cymbals will cost, I'm thinking it would probably run me at least 175.00 per trigger which puts me above the 1000.00 just set it up and play kit.

        I have a Mac laptop what is a good way to set up and utilize VST? I could also run Win software if I had to.
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          Spend some time in the DIY section to see how you could cut down on money spent converting A-kits.

          The 500/502 has more piezo / piezo inputs than the 700. Easier to design.

          When you are ready, spend some more time in the VST section to see what might fit your style.
          DTX700, eDRUMin 4+10, A2E Dixon kit, Yamaha cymbals, FSR HH
          Kit Pix http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=613

          My new venture, HiEnd Speakers. : voglosounds.com