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Need advice on buying hi hat and kick pedal for my used TrapKat with V4 software...

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  • Need advice on buying hi hat and kick pedal for my used TrapKat with V4 software...


    First of all I am a not a drummer, just a project studio multi instrumentalist and jack of all trades. I just bought a used TrapKat, and while I await its arrival, I want to figure out what I should use for kick and hi hat.

    That being said, I am lucky enough to have many great drummers at my disposal, and want to be able to get the most realistic hi hat work out of them as is possible. I'll be using the TrapKat with Native instruments Kontakt, the Abbey Road drums series for starters, and some other ethnic percussion , and who knows what else! And yes I am aware that a TrapKAt is not a drum set, and there will be some players who cannot make the leap. I have a space limitations and had to rule out a traditional electronic full kit.

    I think I understand that a hi hat pedal that sends "continuous controller" data is going to provide the most realistic sound? Will the TrapKat read that from a hi hat pedal, convert it to midi and send it to the computer? If not, can I get a hi hat pedal that will send midi directly? Or some other old drum "brain" ( or other device that I can pick up used) and use it to plug a hi hat pedal into for my the best, realistic hi hat option? what specific hi hat pedals should I be looking at?

    Is the Hat Kat any good? Something newer?

    Pintech seism to have a doodad you can hook up to a high hat stand? Seems bulky but if it works the best I deal with it? other pin tech products?

    What about the Alternat Mode eHat? Seems like you use a standard kick pedal so you can adjust the feel?

    Other suggestions?

    And what about the kick pedal?

    I would like to thank in advance anyone who cares to chime in. I'd like to make the best purchasing decision possible, and I welcome your suggestions and ideas!


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    Hi Chris,
    Alternate Mode has dedicated HH and kick pedals which work a treat - both of which have been reviewed in digitalDrummer and which I use with my trapKAT. There are several e-kick options, most of which were reviewed in the November 2013 issue.
    digitalDrummer is totally free.
    . digitalDrummer
    Review index


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