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New brain for older V-drums?

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  • New brain for older V-drums?

    My TD-6 brain is finally dying and I'm looking for a significant upgrade. A used TD-12, 15 or 20 is what I'm thinking at the moment. I play an older (circa 2003) Hart kit with the original electronics in the Acupads and Ecymbal II ride and crashes and Hi Hat. The snare has been upgraded about a year ago to their latest electronics. Will the brain I choose be limited by these older triggers and if so, what model brain might be best to take me as far into the future as possible? Have a gig in a week and live high in the mountains so have to make a decision really quick and get one delivered so I can get up to speed on a new brain.
    Thanks for any advice!

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    Are you looking for SOUND upgrade or functionality upgrade? I think the TD9 is similar to a TD6 in that I don't think you'd notice much of a difference (I have both). I always wanted to upgrade to a TD12 because it had cymbal swells - something sorely missing in TD6/9. To me that is a good upgrade. I heard the sound on the newer TD9 is better than the TD12, but the TD12 has more tweaking options, so maybe that is a wash. TD12 has positional sensing and more inputs.

    Anyway others can chime in on TD9 vs TD12.
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      Both sound and functionality. I'm hoping the newer brains will have more sensitivity such as cymbal and snare swells as well as adjustability. I've always been frustrated with the difference in volume between the ride sound and the bell strikes for instance. Contouring the sound more accurately would be nice. And something that will be current for some years. I'd rather buck up now than wish I had. Something under or around 1k would probably work in my budget. Hopefully this isn't all too much to look for?


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        Pearl Mimic Pro
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          Thanks ohlarikd and Hank. In desperation I ordered a 2box brain as the reviews sounded amazing, it's in my price range and I could get it quickly and with a money back guarantee. Just set it up and its a disaster.

          The cymbals are the worst offenders. They're not triggering correctly. When I strike the ride bell it's playing a bow swell and when I play the body of the cymbal it's giving me more of a bell sound. The plastic crashes respond when they feel like it and pretty much at whatever volume moves them at the moment. And my older Hart hi-hat-without-a-stand doesn't seem to allow me to use the hh input. It's set up for an actual, 2 cymbal hh.

          My 2nd tom volume is WAY loud compared to the other toms no matter what kit I select.

          I can't detect much of a rim shot sound on my snare.

          A major list of complaints for sure. My old TD-6 seems like a diamond even with it's intermittent service but it's dying. I suspect a lot of the incompatibility with the 2box is from outdated triggers on my Hart but I've been more interested in playing over the years than keeping up with technology so really am at a loss.