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Probably a stupid question.

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  • Probably a stupid question.

    Ok, so, I have a Yamaha DTX500 module. And I'm gonna go with Triggera Intriggs and Triggera's upcoming beater-trigger on my drums.
    As I was mostly asleep on the sound-tech lessons in school I have no idea what so ever about anything to be honest. But I do know I'll need cables between the triggers and the modules, but when I look around on the different swedish sites for musical gear I found what's called balanced and unbalanced cables, is there any difference between these?

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      But he's asking about trigger cables, not audio cables.

      (And modules don't use balanced even for audio.)



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        Trigger Cables are the TRS (stereo / balanced) type of cable. For drum triggers it's more about the number of conductors (wires) in the cable. Yamaha pads/modules can get up to 3 zones using a single TRS cable, whereas Roland pads/modules only get 2 zones dper TRS cable (a second cable needed to get 3 on their cymbals.

        You'll need to look at the specs for the InTriggs to determine what cables are compatible but my guess is that you should be safe with the TRS variety.

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          Ah, thanks for clearing it up, guys! I'll stock up on TRS cables next time I'm at a music store then