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What to look for when buying used TD-12

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  • What to look for when buying used TD-12

    So I am hoping for some help in making a decision about getting a used set. There is a TD-12 available locally for only $500, now from what I have seen across the web that seems just a bit to low a price. I am completely new to drumming and this will be my first set. I just don't know what I should be looking for when checking this set out. Any advice on what to watch for would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting started and just don't want to shell out cash for something just to find out I should have known better :-)

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    The Module Alone goes for way more than that used !! You sure its a TD-12 ??? If it is I would jump on that fast as you can !!
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      If it's local, go and have a look. Make sure everything works (if it's just the module they've probably got drums you can try it with). There's never any harm in going to look!

      Sometimes you can pick up bargains because people don't know how much what they're selling is worth or they want to get rid of it really quickly. It doesn't happen often though.
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        I've owned two TD-12 modules so far. Great module as far as I'm concerned. I purchased both, in near mint condition, from eBay paying around $725 for each. Be sure to check the functionality of the module. Check every input and definitely the LCD screen. Fading or bleeding of the LCD screen is the most common issue I've heard of with this module. Getting a TD-12 module for $500 would be a deal, a whole TD-12 kit for $500 would be a steal. Good luck.
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          I'm new to this as well, the posts above are pretty accurate, if it is a complete kit and it all functions its a steal. I passed on an offer last week for a TD4 for $650 but kit was much rougher then the seller would let on. Test everything!!! I wound up with a TD9 closeout demo for 3x what you are paying here, so far very happy. Good luck!
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