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Mounting TD3 module on Session Pro dd505 rack ?

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  • Mounting TD3 module on Session Pro dd505 rack ?

    I've upgraded my cheap but ok Session Pro DD505 kit by replacing the brain with a TD3, the snare with a PDX-8, the Hihat pedal with an FD-8 and one of the toms with a PD8.
    The changes all work fine (I'm using stereo 1/4" jack cables where required) but I have a (dumb) problem - the original Session Pro drum module was held by an L bar by being inserted onto it. This won't work with the TD3 as the stand holder (see p11 of the manual. or the photo below ) is a larger radius hollow pipe that seems to be clamped from the outside anyway .
    The TD3 stand holder "pipe" is too big to fit in the L bar clamp, in place of the existing L bar, on the Session Pro rack.

    In summary: How can I fix the TD3 stand holder to my Session Pro frame ?
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    You need a cymbal clamp - the radius of the arm on the back of most Roland Modules is the same as a cymbal arm.
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