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DT-1 Drum Tutor - Any way to re-size the window on Mac?

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  • DT-1 Drum Tutor - Any way to re-size the window on Mac?

    I just bought a copy of the Roland DT-1 software and I had my first quick play with it yesterday. I'm pretty happy with it with one exception...I can't seem to re-size the window of the tutor when its running on my Mac.

    I did some research and I've found others complaining about this issue, but haven't found a solution. Have Roland fixed this problem or has anyone come up with any workarounds to solve the problem?

    Its frustrating for me because I've hooked up my Mac Mini to a 32" TV with the idea that I could easily see the screen from my kit, but it defeats the purpose slightly when I can't resize the window to take full advantage of the large display!

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    Yes it's a bit frustrating but here's a workaround: go to the following menu: Apple -> System Preferences -> Accessibility.
    Select Zoom from the left pane, enable whichever stimulus you want to use to trigger the zoom (I use Control + Scroll Gesture).
    Then go to the window you want to see "big" and use the stimulus you defined above to "zoom on it" until it fills the area you want.

    -- Greg