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TD 12 triggering wrong sounds!

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  • TD 12 triggering wrong sounds!

    hmm so my Roland TD 12 has decided to start to doing all sorts of weird and not so wonderful things - like the hi hat sensor (the one played by left foot) is triggering off the snare and floor tom...and the ride edge is triggering off a snare rim shot...this when the snare and floor tom are not even plugged in....not sure if its the insert sleeves that need replacing *have had this done on cymbals before as they were self choking, or module issues, or sensor/trigger problems....any advice from fellow electric kit players!? (don't say "go buy a real drum kit"!! Got that and love it!

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    oh yeah, and x stick sounds on snare are all wack as well, have turned them off. Seems like things have slowly been getting worse on it - over a period of 6 months. Has been suggested to do a factory reset...might try that as a first go...cheers from a first poster!


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      Welcome to the forum, gmeakin!

      Does this happen on all kits in the TD-12?
      Have you checked the note-assignments, or:
      Have you tried doing a module reset?


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        Thanks for the welcome! Yes it happens on all kits! Not quite sure what you mean by note assignments.....but am going to try a reset today! Cheers


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          Hi Greg, I think I answered your question to some degree through FaceBook (Jeremy, Drummerspeak)!
          But this is the other place to ask more knowledgeable people than myself.
          Go through the steps I suggested and see if that helps, if not, let's bash it out here!


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            thanks for that - is there anyway of uploading videos on here?


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              update - factory reset didn't work. All leads are fine. Pads work perfectly in TD 11 kit. have cleaned inside sockets with contact cleaner spray. Nothing seems loose or broken...


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                I've been having similar problems, after following various threads on here where the same type of problems were noted I found a posted answer suggesting a battery change could be the fix! indeed for the guy posting his problems and myself this was the answer. Its a fairly easy deal there is also a video on youtube on how to change the battery on a TD20 but its the same deal with a 12. Just be sure to have saved all your settings and editing on your PC or Midi device as these will be wiped when you remove your old battery. Unfortunately I have had a very quick succession of batteries that have died so I think I have other problems too ;(