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problem with roland pd-125

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  • problem with roland pd-125

    i have a roland td-9 with snare pd125 and it has a problem. at 50 hits(strokes) one of them stops beating. i opened the pad and i saw all the cables in place. is it something serious? is it a matter of the module or the pad?please help me.Frown
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    Have you tried swapping the PD125 to one of the other inputs and see if the problem stays consistent with the PD125 or the Snare Input?

    The PD125 pads can take a beating for years and still trigger reliably.

    A few other things you should check...
    1) When the trigger/module stops responding, are edge hits also silent?
    2) You should connect the PD125 with a 1/4" stereo patch cable to one of the AUX inputs on the TD9, in case the wiring harness is at fault.

    Let us know what else you have done to troubleshoot.

    -- Tom

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