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USB midi adapter, does it need to be USB 2.0?

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  • USB midi adapter, does it need to be USB 2.0?

    Hi everyone,

    Looking at connecting my TD-12 to my computer to start playing around with VSTs and VExpressions. Im shopping for a simply 1x1 usb adapter and I've noticed that some only support usb 1.1 whereas others are marketed as 2.0

    Will this make any difference? How much bandwidth does midi actually need?


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    Either will do fine.
    Midi doesn't use much bandwidth.

    As a related note, some have reported success with the very cheap ones (around $10) but some others (like me) didn't get so lucky. I had to buy a real cable (either from Roland or Yamaha) to get reliable triggering. Also, if you are considering a dedicated interface later, some of the simple ones also have MIDI in/out, which makes them a good investment.

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      I just picked up a Midiman (now M-Audio) Midisport 2x2 USB interface for $20 on eBay. This interface is excellent, and there is NO reason to spend the ridiculous $50-75 being charged for other newer interfaces. As perceval said, MIDI is low-bandwidth. I had a MOTU Fastlane interface that's about 8 years old, and it worked flawlessly until I lost it, LOL.


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        The posts above are both correct. Midi will work just fine whether you use v1.1 or v2.0.

        The only time this would be a concern is if you are connecting your Midi adapter to a non-powered hub to share a USB port. As long as you are plugging the Midi adapter directly into the USB port you have nothing to worry about.

        My experience is that some cheap USB hubs will not provide enough power to share devices.

        ...my advice is to avoid USB hubs and just directly connect your USB adapter between your module and computer.

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          Just to add:
          If you want to use your MIDI-interface to do 'MIDI Bulk Dumps' (saving your module-settings to external devices, like PCs or sequencers), whatever you go with, make sure that it supports 'MIDI SysEx (system exclusive) Messages' - Not all MIDI-interfaces do, apparently...

          Good candidates are Roland's UM-One and M-Audio's Uno.


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