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TD-30 Metronome/Pattern Settings Questions

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  • TD-30 Metronome/Pattern Settings Questions


    I am trying to work with the metronome and patterns in my TD30 but the volume is ear-piercing! I have been unsuccessful in finding a control for the volume level of the metronome (the most important tool I need to control) and even more the patterns' mix seems to be "locked" at it's extreme volume level. What can I do to adjust these? How do I use the metronome when each downbeat click is so loud that my ears feel like they're bleeding.

    Any suggestions or additional knowledge would be fantastic.

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    Hi ya
    Use the 4th and 5th faders when bottom indicator is lit. Its on pg 28 of the manual


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      The Groupfaders on the TD-30 adjust the metronome level, the 5:th fader says crash/click. Press the fader button so the downside light up then you can adjust the metronomelevel.


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        But, as far as I remember, there's nothing you can do about the volume being pegged at full for the built in patterns... yuck.
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          Another metronomequestion.
          Why does the metronome start att 160bpm, is there a way I can set it so everytime i start it starts at say 100bpm?


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            the metronome starts at whatever you last set it at, that said, you can assign a tempo to each kit so every time you change kit, the tempo changes. This is handy as i set up different kits for different songs (1 kit per song) and assign the tempo for the song (the kits are mostly the same to make sound check/levels etc easier)

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              Strange, If I use say 60bpm on my module and turn it of and then on again it starts at 160bpm