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Pads are excessivley ringing when playing through a keyboard amplifier.

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  • Pads are excessivley ringing when playing through a keyboard amplifier.

    Hello. Not sure where to post this.
    I am using a TD-9KX2 plugged into a keyboard amp. When I play the kits, I get excessive ringing out of the TOM pads, especially the 2nd and 3rd toms. The amp is a fairly new Behringer 300 watt and I don't think that's the problem, because it works fine with other inputs, like MP3.
    The sound is perfect thru headphones, but definitely different thru the amp. I tried just plugging them into some 200-watt 2.1 computer speakers but get the same effect.
    I don't know what to do about this, can anyone help? Certainly others have experienced this. Thanks.

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    different amps will resonate more at different frequencies...i get ringing on my 3rd tom using my PA so i simply turn the volume down on that pad when running through my PA

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      It sounds a bit like you were running into problems with your room's own resonance-frequency. Try to see if you can insulate the walls or corners with some acoustic-foam or something similar!


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        Do you plug the amp in the phone jack ? or in the line-out of the module ?
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