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How does the TD-15KV feel compared to the TD-11K?

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  • How does the TD-15KV feel compared to the TD-11K?

    I've owned an acoustic set for almost ten years, but rarely have had a chance to play it. I was part of a casual cover band for a bit, but now that it's disbanded I've been missing the ability to jam. And due to living situations, I don't have a place I can play my set. So, I'm considering buying myself an electronic set for my birthday in a few months so that I'll have a chance to actually get half-way decent.

    I looked around a bit, and the TD-15KV seems like the best price point for me - namely, it's as good as you can get before the ridiculous price jump to the TD-30-based kits.

    I went down to the local drum store today to try one out. Unfortunately, all they have for a demo is a TD-11K, and the next-nearest store is several hours away.

    I didn't pay much attention to the toms (since whatever I do, I won't be getting those rubber pieces of crap), but I was fairly satisfied with the snare (almost I miss different sounds near the edge) and the bass drum. The cymbals, on the other hand, were thoroughly unimpressive - they felt like dead pieces of, well, rubber, swells weren't great, and the hihat missed open-while-striking and didn't sound or feel crisp with sixteenth diddles.

    When I watch review and demo videos of the TD-15KV, I don't see these problems, but I'm a bit hesitant about plopping down that much money for something I haven't tried out myself. I'd appreciate any information concerning the differences between the two kits, and advice on this situation in general.

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      The tom pads of the TD-11K are mono - and rubber. So toss them out. Regarding the module: once you've listened to drum sounds from a VSTi, you won't care anymore about the sound capabilities of the module. So it doesn't matter whether it's a TD-11 or TD-15. But you should check in advance how many inputs you'll need! That would probably be crucial for your decision.

      My advice: get the TD-15 module, used mesh pads and a VSTi solution.
      TD-11 with 1xPDX 100 and 2x 12" drum-tec Diabolo pads, VH-11, CY 15R, CY-8 + various VSTi's.


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        Originally posted by seasack View Post
        The tom pads of the TD-11K are mono - and rubber. So toss them out.
        Yes, I was never planning on purchasing a kit with rubber drums.

        Since there seems to be some confusion: I'm not interested in purchasing a TD-11. I'm either buying a TD-15KV, something comparable from another manufacturer, or nothing at all. The only reason I ask about the 11 is because that's the only one I've had a chance to try.

        But you should check in advance how many inputs you'll need! That would probably be crucial for your decision.
        I'd like to add a splash, and perhaps another crash down the road, but that's about it.


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          Tazed commented
          Editing a comment
          I think you're making the right choice.
          I have a TD-30, but would well have had a TD-15 if they had included MIDI in (at the TD-9 had before it, but they dropped it for the TD-15 for some inexplicable reason).
          It's got a lot going for it over the TD-11 as a module, and a quick check on features will show that. Plus you have another input, which you'll want to have in your planned setup.
          I think you'll find the 15 and 11 play very similarly, with similar sounds - the 11 is a cut-down 15, using the same sound engine.
          So you should have no surprises (other than pleasant!) if you order a TD-15 kit, unplayed.
          The pads, well, it goes without saying, are a big improvement. I'm still completely confused why Roland, who own the patents on the double-mesh head, even bother with 1990s technology (rubber drum pads) any more when they're killing the competition with mesh heads.
          But hey, ROland do some weird things with their products sometimes, so that's just how it is.

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        If buying a new kit now, Id go for 2box and a Diamond Electronics custom setup, choosing my own wrap. Diamond drums look the real deal and trigger brilliantly so Ive heard.