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Drum-Tec Diabolo vs Roland Pads?

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  • Drum-Tec Diabolo vs Roland Pads?

    I'm looking to see if anyone out there has done a comparison of Drum-Tec Diabolo pads vs Roland PD128 pads or any other Roland pad for that matter. I've seen some reviews that suggest the Drum-Tecs are every bit as good as Roland but have less of a hot spot issue. Let's not go down the path of HOW to lessen hot spots in this thread, or whether there actually a big deal, etc. That's been addressed elsewhere in the forum.

    I know that other pads are also good, such as Hart (no longer in business) and Diamond but I'm most interested in Drum-Tec, as it seems there's less written about them on this forum than these other makes.

    I'd really like to know how they perform more or less side-by-side in terms of dyanamics, hot spots, rim shot capability, etc. And, especially, if you have Drum-Tec and don't mind posting pics of the inside of a drum showing the triggers, that's greatly appreciated!

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    I left Roland and migrated to Yamaha due to hotspots. The hotspots aren't bad with the Roland module but when I went to VSTs, they became annoying to me. If you are looking to rid yourself of hotspots, look at the Aquarian on-head/in-head heads. Nothing compares to their FSR technology in my opinion.


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      Thanks, csnow. I appreciate the input. I will check them out.

      I'm still interested to see if anyone has input about Drum-Tec. They look good to me.
      Pearl Mimic Pro, eDRUMin 10, ATV aDrums, DIY Conversion kit, Agean R-series Silent Cymbals, Roland Handsonic HPD-20.


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        We certainly have! digitalDrummer included the Diabolo and the PD-125 in our snare head2head: http://issuu.com/digitaldrummer/docs...v_2011_low_res
        Depending on your module, the difference between the PD-125 and the 128 is negligible as only the TD30 really makes the most of the trigger tweaks.
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