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Can I use my Alesis DM5 as a trigger I/O

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  • Can I use my Alesis DM5 as a trigger I/O

    I have a custom edrum kit (I converted my acoustic kit using the cake pan method back in 2012). I have everything working great on my Roland TD-12 module. My question is, can I use my old DM5 as a trigger I/O for more drums/cymbals? I don't necessarily want to split a dual zone into two single zones on the TD-12. I want to go MIDI out of the DM5 into the MIDI in on the TD-12. I've tried it, but I've found no way to individually assign a note to the triggers in the DM5. It only allows me to change the "root note". I thought I had it and started changing the sounds (instrument button on the TD-12) of the additional toms I hooked up, but realized that I was also changing my snare sound? I don't know what I'm doing. I've searched the forum for a couple of hours to no avail. Has anyone ever successfully done this?

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum, cledo!

    What is your DM-5 midi channel set to? If it is set to channel 10, chances are you are triggering (...or messing up...) the same sounds, that your TD-12 inputs already trigger.

    The TD-12 has something like two 'areas': The main sounds (with all the v-edit functions) that are usually triggered with the TD-12's own trigger-inputs normally are assigned to midi channel 10 (...that's the General-MIDI default setting).

    However, like all bigger Roland modules, Roland has also implementeda second area (that offer mostly percussion sounds, and loses the v-edit functions of the main area, apart from simple stuff like tuning and volume) to fire off sounds from. Roland calls this the Percussion Set, and it can be used to expand the sounds and things to hit on your kit!

    The 'Percussion Set' is strictly allocated (unchangeably) to midi channel 11...!

    So, what you want to do now, is set the DM-5 to midi channel 11 as well, so it matches the channel of the TD-12 Percussion Set! Then, change the DM-5's root-notes around, until you find the sounds you'd like to trigger from the Percussion Set. Once you've done this, you can greatly expand your kit with the twelve mono trigger-inputs on the DM-5.


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      Thank you very much for your response. I was able to set the channel out on the DM5 to channel 11, but I was hoping to utilize the drum instrument section for additional cymbals (china, splash), roto toms, etc. I thought if there was a way to specify which notes I was sending to the TD12 on the same channel (10), that there wouldn't be any conflicts. Oh well, I guess I'll just be okay with more cowbell.

      Thanks again.


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        I'm pretty sure you can have specific notes. I've just sold my DM5, so I can't check.