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The best beater for your bass pad

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  • The best beater for your bass pad

    I'm currently using a td-9 as my kick/bass pad. I got the set used along w/ a dw 3000 pedal. All DW pedals come with the same beater the oval felt end and the flat plastic end. The previous owner used the 'rounded' felt end and when you feel the cloth pad, it feels 'pushed in' abit. I was wondering if it's smarter to turn it around and use the flat plastic beater end. I should also point out, that a lot of NAMM vids (from various yrs) show v drums played always with a flat rubber/ plastic beater. Any suggestions on this. Thanks

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    Yeah I've heard that felt + mesh isn't a good combination at all. Heard stories of the mesh eating away the felt on the beater and the felt ruining mesh heads so I would definitely turn that beater around.


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      ...what Yardbird said! - if you go with the felt-side of your beater and a mesh-pad or a KD-9, use a patch on the head, to prevent said effect. If you just go with the rubber-side, a patch may not even be neccessary.


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        I've been using the rubber side of the beater on a DW 5000 vs. my KD-9 for 2+ years and have seen no problems on the -9, cosmetic or otherwise. Maybe I'm just not playing hard enough ...
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          Well the KD-9 has a cloth surface, right? The risk of it having the same effect on a felt beater as mesh heads does can't be non-existent.
          I would still say that the rubberside of a beater is better for digital drumming. Although, felt might be better for those plastic heads on Alesis kits and such if you worry about the acoustic noise level.


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            Whichever beater you like best. Just make sure you dont use a felt beater with mesh unless you use a patch. In fact.... a patch is not a bad idea no matter what combo you use.
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              The DW plastic beater has always been my favorite. If the mesh starts to shine from wear, just add a patch. If the head is tightened appropriately, it should take at least a year or two before that happens. The bigger the pad, the sooner it happens. With the smaller pad, I'd doubt I'd ever get to applying a patch. Heck, I still haven't had to on my 30 yet.
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                Ive got an extra pair of Roland beaters that work wonders and protect your head from that kind of damage from the felt. You can always do plastic beater like everyone else recommended.
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                  Tama makes a great Iron Cobra Bass Drum beater (~$20) that comes in felt, wood or plastic. You can adjust the angle of the beater head and move the shaft-weight to your preference.

                  You will have less of a "divot" in your KD9 if the beater head has a flat impact. I also always use bass-head patches because I prefer to keep my pads in good shape. I'm happier replacing the patch than the KD trigger.

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                    I have the KD 8 and the DW7000 pedal and I use the rubber side of the beater with a patch. Before I put the patch on, you could see some wear starting on the pad pretty quickly. I think the patch is a good idea no matter what you are using.
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                      When I got my set from the original creator, I noticed he was using the rubber side of the beaters. I had read this so I was glad to see he was on the same page. I didn't notice the double bass patch in place so I ordered one on line. It really gives me that extra sense of protection. Funny enough, a few months after I brought home this set, I get a package in the mail from the seller. He tells me he found a few odds and ends that went with the kit. What was in the box? Two Roland beaters and a double pedal patch! lol. Now I have a spare and two extra beaters.
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