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Adjusting trigger source - TD-12 Help pls!

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  • Adjusting trigger source - TD-12 Help pls!

    I'm setting up a kit for my teenage son to use and
    I have to use a SPD30 as I don;t have tom pads, in the trigger settings of the TD-12, which trigger should I assign as Tom4 ?
    Also, is there a list that shows which midi note numbers are assigned to the Trigger inputs on the TD-12?
    Also, in the TD-12, whats the difference between PAD1 and PAD2?

    Very grateful for any help you can give!

    Td-12, SPD-30, KD-120, PD125x, Vh-11, CY15.

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    That's a lot of questions...!
    OK, are you trying to run MIDI from the SPD-30 into the TD-12, so you can trigger sounds on the TD-12 using the SPD-30 pads?
    And if so, why are you asking specifically about Tom 4?
    MIDI note numbers can be seen at the TD-12, if that's what you're after (see manual).
    PAD1 and PAD2 are specifically for non-Roland pads (single and dual zone) but you shouldn't need to set these on the TD-12 if you're triggering from the SPD-30 (you'd only set it for individual external pads, like a PD-8 or similar).