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PD125 issues

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  • PD125 issues


    i have upgraded my TD20 with a TD30 module. so basically i have TD20 triggers.
    the rim rubber hoop pad on my snare PD125 has turned a little so that the tension rods were not aligned with the depressions on the rubber hoop.
    i removed the rubber hoop and installed it again. now the trigger is all wrong. the rim is ok but the head is not working as it used to. at the edge i get nothing and at the center i get cross stick. when i hit hard at the center i get rimshots.
    i took another PD125 and connected it instead and it sound OK. i changed it back to the bad PD125, removed the mesh head and cleaned (compressed air) everything but still nothing. i tried playing with the sensitivity setting and also nothing


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    well... it seems that i get "head" right at the center of the mesh. if hit 1inch away, i get rim.
    i removed the head and tapped lightly at the cone and i get good sensitivity. any ideas?