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Zildjian Dip Drumsticks

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  • Zildjian Dip Drumsticks

    Has anyone noticed any ill effects from using the dipped sticks? I'm noticing painful calluses in the joint between first finger and thumb on my left hand (traditional grip), and cracks in the skin around my right thumbnail. These effects seem to diminish when I use regular sticks, but I prefer the ease of grip the dip sticks allow.
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    I don't have any experience with the dipped sticks - but if you use the dipped sticks for extra grip, you might try the Zildjian stick wax. I have very dry hands and I have to have something to help grip the sticks. I've tried tape, golf gloves and the stick wax and much prefer the wax. No callous, blister or cracking problems.
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      I tried the dip sticks once, didn't like them.

      Like billgtx, I use wax if I know I will need the extra grip, but instead, I have surfing wax. Same wax as Zildjian, half the cost.
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        I only use the zildjian dips. No ill effects that I can discern. The worst part about them is that if you only play eKits with them the dip starts to wear off and start peeling long before you would otherwise need new sticks. Playing them on the aKit eats the shoulder of the stick fast enough that you want new sticks before the dip wears off. :-)

        I keep my aKit sticks away from my eKit because I don't want any small wood fragments embedded in my mesh heads.
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          Have you tried vic grip sticks from Vic Firth or Pro-Mark tape which you apply yourself?
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            I used them years ago. I remember the first time I used them, my hands hurt so bad for a few days from the friction, but that went away and they were fine. I probably used them for a couple years... I've used regular stick now for the past 10ish year I would say.


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              I used them /once/ at a gig and within a half hour my hand sliced open, no lie. Way too much friction I guess.


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                I've got the same exact response as kgoroway stated. I've developed calluses, which is to be expected and good in my case. Nothing bad health wise at all.