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2Box/SDSE system/tip

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  • 2Box/SDSE system/tip

    I asked Jman if he had heard of anybody doing this sytem/trick, and he said no so I'd thought I'd post it. I did'nt like the fact that the dsnd's I would create with SDSE would sometimes have more ambience/Room sound than I liked through the PA, so I would have to go back and redo it. I came up with a little system to remedy the problem. I went and bought some red ddrum triggers and put them on my 2box kit. Now when I create dsnd's I make two versions. One is just the snare,kick,toms direct with the room mics,OH and Ambience muted. Then I make another dsnd with the direct mics muted and the room mics,OH and Ambience on, and add the prefix ROOM in SDSE. I set up the ddrum triggers to fire the ROOM dsnd's and the drum pad fires off the first dsnd which is the dry dsnd. So now I can dial in the amount of room sound for each drum on the percusion channel after the fact and never have to redo anything. You may already be doing this but if not and you have an extra drum trigger laying around give it a try. I have had great results layering drums with this system also.
    Deacon Daniell

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    Great tip Deac. way to think outside the box .... 2Box that is . I've already split all my own tom inputs and am using for extra cymbals, toms, etc. so I don't want to sacrifice any split inputs .....I just record a few versions of the same kit dry, or with more Room, verb or whatever. But your trick makes it possible to actually add in those effects and adjust the levels on the fly. But with a stock kit configuration a person wouldn't really need to give up much since most don't care about tom rim sounds anyway ..... Great tip! J
    I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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      Nice tip. I slpit most of my tom inputs too, as J does, but I kinda do the same thing using 2 modules. For example I have a different snare and kick set up on each module...one dry...the other "wet". I just mix them at the console. I just use a stereo splitter at the pad. This works really good for combining and customizing tones also for that unique sound.
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