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Changing Sounds

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  • Changing Sounds

    I am a new poster to this board. I play drums at church and have been using my own ddrum4 kit which I've been carting back and forth. The church has been loaned a vdrum kit (don't know model but they are 8" white pads) with TD-8 brain. No instruction manual included. I need to switch tom sounds in middle of a song from high and mid toms to bongo drum hi and low. Can someone please tell me the EXACT steps to use (if it's possible) to set this up so I can hit a button and change the toms mid-song. I need this for Sunday morning and I am a total newbie on the TD-8.

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    I don't have the energy to give you full instructions right now (besides, I don't have my module with me so I'd only get it wrong...). But here's the steps you need to take:

    1. Make a copy of the kit you're using to another location on the module (overwrite one of the bizarre kits you'd never use - you can always restore it later).
    2. Edit the copy you made and give it whatever sounds you want on the toms.
    3. Create a new 'Chain', with the original kit first and the copied (& edited) kit second.
    4. Now, whenever you have that Chain selected, a touch of the Inc button will take you from the original kit to your edited kit. You could even change between them using a foot pedal...

    Have fun!



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      Nice thing about the TD8 is you can (ever so lightly) tap the inc and dec buttons with your stick to change sounds.
      The original Gig Pig.


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        Thanks for the advice guys. I think the ability to tap inc & dec is great.

        BUT, can anyone tell me the exact steps to (1)copy a kit and (2)to chain 2 kits on a TD8 so that I can actually use the tapping technique?

        No manual is available - I'm searched here for tips and no luck - I'm desperate for the instructions.


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          Hey man try giong to the Roland site, follow this link to the TD8 support section

          Good luck!


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            Thanks - been there, done that! That link is to a Roland page that says nothing about saving an edited kit or about chaining. I have been all over their site looking for an instruction manual but no go.

            I know my questions may seem like I'm stupid or don't want to work at finding the answer, but I have no experience at all with a TD8 or other Roland module and no instruction manual.

            Will C


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              Sounds like you (your Church) might have to break down and spend the $$ to get one from Roland (highly recommended). Your local dealer should be able to order one for you or you can go through Roland direct. I believe others have gone that route.

              That doesn't solve your immediate problem. Maybe the fact that you need this by Sunday fell by the wayside. Hint, Hint TD-8 owners.
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                or (for now) go to the store (with your module) and ask to see the manual. It's not too much to set up there in the store.



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                  Thanks boingo - you hit the nail on the head. I don't have the time before Sunday morning to drive the 30 miles to Mars Music in the hope that someone in the very busy drum shop might know the answer or be willing to loan me a manual to copy a few pages. Also, I don't have the ability to take the TD8 out of the church.

                  I assumed the answers to my 2 questions might require 5 minutes of typing which is why I posted.

                  In any event, a vdrummer from Houston who also plays in church emailed me and offered to help over the phone so hopefully my questions will be answered by him so I can make the changes early Sunday morning.

                  I appreciate all the help you folks have been able to give.

                  Will C


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                    Let's make this site worth a damn by answering this guy's question:

                    To Copy a kit:
                    Select desired kit you want to copy

                    Press F3

                    Press F3 to select copy

                    Press down arrow twice to highlight destination kit

                    Select desired destination kit

                    Press F3 to copy and F3 again to Execute


                    To Set Up a Chain:

                    Press Chain

                    Scroll to an empty chain w/ dial knob

                    Press F3 to edit the chain (ex. CHAIN X)

                    Press F1 to edit the list of CHAIN X

                    Insert or delete kits or kit order as desired

                    To Use Chain:

                    Press Chain

                    Use INC/+ or DEC/- buttons or pedal switch to transverse in the chain

                    GOOD LUCK

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                      wlkjw: you be da man!
                      Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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                        Thank you so much for your time and effort answering my questions. You indeed are da man! The vdrums will surely sound better Sunday morning now that I can make the necessary changes.
                        Thanks vdrums.com
                        Will C