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Need advice on my 2 part question for second module

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  • Need advice on my 2 part question for second module

    Currently I have the older TD12 with a bunch of mesh pads. What I need at this point, so I can expand with more cymbals and drums, is a second module. I'm considering a used TD-8 for $300. It comes with a bunch of misc pads and a few non-Roland cymbals. I'm really only interested in the module but the other items may come in handy. I don't see a lot of info about the TD8, except that it was great in its time. Would that be a good 2nd module? And is $300 a good price? Okay, it's a 3 part question. Could I just plug the 2nd module into the line-in on the TD12?
    Thank you for your help.

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    For $300 I would try to find a used TD-9 module. Much newer sounds than the TD-8.
    I think my work is done here.


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      I think what you need is a TMC6 or similar so you can just trigger the TD12 via MIDI. This is outside my expertise though....