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​Time for a new cymbal/s

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  • ​Time for a new cymbal/s

    Hi, TD11KV user here and I need new cymbal or 2.
    I need a splash / crash and I see this nice china Triggera are producing, any comments about them? They look nice.
    I though using the AUX for both crash and china by using a split PL cable for them.

    Any comments, thoughts, ideas are welcomed.

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    For the splash/crash I could recommend you a Triggera D11 splash. They're as nice as the chinas, and you could save some money, because Triggera offers a bundle containing one of each.

    If you need a bigger crash (a 13" or a 15") Yamaha's PCY's are all-time favorites around this forum! A very good secondhand buy!

    If you'd prefer metal-cymbals instead of rubber, give the Zildjian Gen16's (...and the accompanying thread on this forum) a consideration. They've just released new 'Bronze' version, to round out their existing 'Nickel' versions!


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