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Extreme drum triggers with 2 box module

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  • Extreme drum triggers with 2 box module

    Considering triggering a small side snare with 2 box module and Extreme Drums trigger. Got the trigger as a gift. Anybody have any trigger settings for this

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    Not sure what kind of triggers those are, but the ddrum chrome elite triggers I use on regular mylar heads work great with the 2Box so far for me. I use ACTR1 trigger settings and kinda tweak with threshold and gain settings.
    - EKIT: Jobeky Drums: Custom 5 piece "Lacewood fade" & Hart 13" Pro Chrome snare. ROLAND MG V-CYMBALS
    - AKIT: PDP Concept Maple by DW. Zildjian K & A Custom cymbals. Hybrid acoustic mic'd / 2Box triggered kit

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      Thanks Greg Got one of these as a gift and all the giftor wants from tech challenged me is trigger parameters with 2 box I guess I will have to stop being lazy and take apart my crossbar triggered snare and stick one of these in and try it out.aybe I will luck out with somebody who is using them. Incidentally, O am enjoying you vids! Keep em up, bro!!