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KAT Pro Kit w/ADAM & EVE module combo!!!

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  • KAT Pro Kit w/ADAM & EVE module combo!!!

    Here's the first look at the KAT A.D.A.M (Advanced Drum Audio Module) which works with EVE and uses Addictive Drums. Instead of repeating the info, here's a link to my post on Hellfiredrums.com: KAT Pro Kit w/ADAM & EVE module combo!!!
    Be sure the watch the video as well.

    BTW, for those wondering what the small text is on the ADAM: Powered by Muse Research. My guess is, its a variant of the Muse Receptor? Or they might be using software by Muse to run Addictive Drums?

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    It's probably MuseBox tweaked things, unit size wise, same concept as Musebox do run Addictive Drum already, as well Kontakt and many others, but they have different things, such as 4GB ram gig compare to 2GB ram gig on the Musebox, the only things, if you cannot run others vst and only run Addictive drum it's limited compare to the Musebox cost about 700$ US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnKK4QHP5Xo, Do run, Addictive Drum, Kontakt complete series, Ivory piano, OPX etc.I hope we can use others VST, and not only limited to Addictive Drum or at least make it something like Battery that you can imports wav and make tons of velocity switch sound for each notes.
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      You can't probably tell at the moment, but 'BOY' I'm pretty EXCITED over here !!!

      This is good stuff, Hellfire!

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        WOW! It looks like KAT have just gotten super serious. Beautiful hardware. I wonder what it will cost and where it will sit in the market? A competitor to the Pearl E Pro?


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          Here's a video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zMucugu39mc
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            Is it not a working prototype yet? I would have expected it to be powered and being played. It looks like those are on-head pads built into shells. I LOVE my on-heads, so this should be a great kit. I would like to see full size drums like Pearl did or maybe even offer a rim mountable head and wire outlet through the vent hole like the TruTrac product so a drummer can put them on his/her own shell pack. Either way, great stuff. I am excited to see hybrid module/pc hardware. With ADAM and 2box, Yamaha is going to have to up it's game. I doubt Roland will ever abandon COSM but the other guys are making the hobby so much fun and very realistic. Great time for all e-drummers.


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              Wow, that ADAM drum module sounds like it could really be a game changer! A laptop in a box triggering Addictive Drums??? That is by far the best I've seen so far, even with the 2box, just because there is no converting sounds etc... KAT partnering with AD is very smart. 32GB DRIVE, 4GB Ram is incredible, all 24bit sounds. That is also a nice looking drum kit. I wonder how much it would cost? They say it would be competitive to what's out there, probably meaning comparable to the TD30 price. This is very cool stuff and cutting edge. The kind of stuff that edrumming needs to be. Roland and their COSM modules won't cut it if others keep doing stuff like this. It is a prototype so who knows how cost effective it'll be for KAT, but sky is the limit! Great job
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                I don't know much about triggering or vst but thought I would put it out there for the more knowledgeable. With my limited knowledge even I thought it looked good.
                TD-15KV. VEX Evolution. Jobeky Prestige Custom Dual Zone 13" eDrum. PDX-100 X 2. PD-85BK X 2 KD-9 X 1. VH-11. CY-12C X 2. CY-13R. Tama speed cobra. Pearl HI Hat


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                  I guess this will be a hit! And the snare is 3 zones, 2 zones for the head and one for the rim. I wish they could do 2 zones for the rim like Yamaha, but with a quick accessory this can be solved for permanent cross stick. I also think they should do a space saver kit for practice based on the onhead technology.
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                    Double post. Sorry.
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                      FSR pads + AD in an easy-to-use, plug-and-play package -- this thing has me salivating. If this works as described, I'll be selling all my current gear....


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                        Originally posted by StaggerLee View Post
                        FSR pads + AD in an easy-to-use, plug-and-play package -- this thing has me salivating. If this works as described, I'll be selling all my current gear....
                        It will be a game changer for sure. I am just fearful of the time it will take to go from prototype to production (if ever). I preface that with the fact that Aquarian has yet to release the in-head sizes in anything other than 14" even though they had them on a demo kit at last years' NAMM. Lets hope this comes to fruition - fingers crossed.


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                          So, in about 6-7 months we should be able to ask a lot more questions about this.
                          How many products have been shown at NAMM as a proto-type that never launched? 6 mos is a long time.
                          It does sound intriguing.
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                            I know I mentioned it before, but it's still a long way to go. It's still a prototype (and judging by the video, they didn't even try demoing it so it could still be far from perfect). It has a long way to go to prove that it can work and that the FSR will stand the test of time in real use (I know, in/onHead have been out there, but not for a very long time, and I don't see that many reviews so far. csnow did one lately but nothing about reliability in the long run.)

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                              Not to be negative .... but I did play the setup briefly ... they had a setup at the Aquarian booth also. While this is a dedicated system for playing Addictive Drums (at present) it is still a Trigger to MIDI interface triggering computer software (at least to my understanding). Without specifics I can only say that there is "some" latency involved as it was obvious at least to my ears. The latency is probably very low, but something I would notice because I don't trigger software via a TMI ... but play the converted VST samples in my 2Box module directly.
                              Some pics from the Aquarian booth:

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                              I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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