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  • VH-13

    Hi all

    I'm having problems with my VH-13 hi-hat. Specifically, the top cymbal keeps spinning to the right so the arrows on the two cymbals are not aligned. It spins so much that the arrows aren't even in the same vicinity as each other. They get at least 3 inches apart.

    Does anybody else have this problem, or have any ideas how to fix?


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    To add to my question, it looks like the cable attaching the two cymbals could be causing the spinning. Maybe there is a trick to cable placement? Thanks again


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      No trick really. You may need to tighten down the upper rod of your stand. I usually pull it out and put a drop of Blue LocTite on it and then cinch it down very tightly with some vice grips. Use a rag or some tape on the rod so you don't scratch it or put dents it. Never had a spinning problem after that.
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        Mine spins too. I worked out that mine would spin and end up about 1inch past the markers. I just then readjusted the top cymbal about 1inch in the other direction and now when it spins it ends up stopping right on the marker!

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          Thanks guys. Campster that worked - I had to spin it probably about 4-5 inches for it to fall into place. I'll check with Roland support too because i feel like 4-5 inches is way too far.

          Thanks again.