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Remote Hi-Hat

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  • Remote Hi-Hat

    I am interested in recommendations for a cable-remote hi-hat. I understand that DW, Pearl and Gibraltar make them (and some others like Tama and Yamaha did but not sure if they still do). Any opinions are welcome plus any comments regarding how well they work compared to traditional HH stands.


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    Hey Jim. I've sung the praises of the DW remote for years...but it is very pricey. I belive Tazed has the Pearl which he really likes also...and it's considerably less expensive. The are a few cable/pulley remotes out there that have peaked my curiosity and are said to be very smooth.....but to me they seem to need some refining. Johnny Rabb seems to like it though.

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      It's fairly simple to create your own from an old hihat, bicyle shift cable and extension clamp (to clamp the upper half to a cymbal stand). I explicitly mention shift cable instead of a brake cable, because the shift cable does not compress (lengthwise strands), whereas the brake does (it's a spiral) and therefore would cause lag. I'm curious what type of cable the DW and Pearl remote hihat stand uses.
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